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Vampire Breast Lift

Wellness by Design offers the Vampire Breast Lift®, a non-surgical breast enhancement treatment that uses the body's own growth factors to activate breast rejuvenation.


Our team of experienced professionals use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to ensure the highest level of safety and effectiveness. Vampire Breast Lifts are a minimally invasive and virtually painless treatment that can provide long-lasting results without the downtime associated with traditional breast enhancement procedures.


If you're looking to enhance your breast appearance without surgery or implants, contact Wellness by Design today to schedule a consultation and learn more about our Vampire Breast Lift treatment.

Breast Lift Before & After
Breast Lift Before & After

"My results are amazing! The procedure was quick, and I had significant results within days. My breasts are firmer and fuller. This is a pain-free procedure and Dr. Zuniga explained everything in detail during the procedure." ~ Shelby, NC

About PRP Breast Lifts

The term Vampire Breast Lift can sound a little scary, but it may actually be the answer to your cleavage problems. Unlike traditional breast augmentation, this procedure is non-invasive, and it can still add volume and firmness to your breasts. Sound like something you may have an interest in? Get all the facts on what this procedure is all about and what it can do for you. Plus, find out eight benefits to choosing this procedure over other invasive surgeries.

What is a Vampire Breast Lift?
The term may not sound very inviting to many patients, but it isn’t nearly as scary as it sounds. The procedure uses plasma-rich platelets to enhance your breasts – hence the name. A Vampire Breast Lift will not add a cup size, but the infusion of plasma will enhance your breasts, smooth out lines, and give them a fuller appearance. This is ideal for women who would rather repair the signs of aging over increasing their bust size. The goal of this procedure is to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and to create a firmer bust and even improve blood circulation. It can also add volume to your cleavage and give you more confidence.


How Does a Vampire Breast Lift Procedure Work?
A breast augmentation or breast lift requires incisions and damage to the surrounding tissue and organs. This alternative does not. It relies on injections of plasma-rich platelets. The first step of the procedure will be having a numbing cream applied to your breasts. Then, a nurse will take a blood sample from your arm. 

The sample then goes into a centrifuge machine. This is how the nurse will extract plasma-rich platelets (PRP) from your own blood. Next, the nurse will combine the PRP with hyaluronic acid. Then the practitioner will inject the new formula into your breasts. This will add immediate volume and firmness while minimizing scars and stretch marks.

What Can You Expect from a Vampire Breast Lift?
The key to a successful procedure is to adjust your expectations. It can be an alternative to a breast lift or breast augmentation surgery, but it isn’t a replacement for it. The procedure can provide some lift and add some volume to your breasts. This means it is ideal for patients who want to see moderate, natural-looking changes. The goal is to enhance cleavage and do the same job a good bra would do. You can’t expect to see a dramatic difference with a non-invasive procedure like this. The results will be much more natural and understated. Many patients prefer natural results over dramatic results.

You can expect this lift to last anywhere from one to two years. Some patients desire treatments every 12 to 18 months. Others can go years before they feel the need to inject more PRPs.


How Does a Vampire Breast Lift Affect the Skin?
The most prominent results of this procedure appear on the skin of the breasts. Increasing blood circulation through the injection of PRP boosts the skin’s appearance. It can smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, scarring, and stretch marks. It can also make the skin appear brighter and more youthful. The non-invasive procedure can restore your breasts to what they were before the aging process took its toll on them. 

8 Advantages of a Vampire Breast Lift
A Vampire Breast Lift is quite different from traditional breast surgeries. The results will not be the same as a dramatic breast augmentation, but it can yield great results and positive health benefits. There are clear advantages to choosing this method. Here are some of the main benefits of this procedure over other surgeries.


1. A Vampire Breast Lift is Non-Invasive
A breast lift surgery involves an incision and a large amount of reconstruction. The Vampire Breast Lift is a non-invasive procedure. Non-invasive means there is no incision, and no tissue damage can occur. There is no impact on any other organs or body tissue during a non-invasive procedure. There is no need for general anesthesia, nor is there a months-long recovery period. The procedure involves nothing more than giving a blood sample. Then accepting a few injections of it into your breasts.


2. You Can Get More Natural Results with a Vampire Breast Lift
A breast augmentation can add size to your breasts. Sometimes, this can be an overly obvious change to the body. If you’re looking for a more natural result, this option may be the better choice for you. The procedure will leave your chest looking fuller and firmer. 

This lift can also improve the shape of your breasts, but the results will always remain natural. Think of the Vampire Breast Lift as a way to restore your breasts to their best selves!

3. A Vampire Breast Lift Can Reshape Your Breasts
This procedure can help reshape your breasts. This is especially good news for women who have uneven breasts after breastfeeding. Women unhappy with the shape of their breasts during the aging process will also enjoy this non-invasive procedure. You can direct injections to areas that are in need of volume to even out the appearance of your breasts.


4. A Vampire Breast Lift Can Be the Solution to Post Breast Augmentation Asymmetry
After breast augmentation surgery, some women may notice rippling or lopsidedness. You can correct that with this non-invasive procedure. Rather than going under the knife again, women can get the adjustments they want with a few injections of PRP. 

5. There is No Down Time After a Vampire Breast Lift
Because the procedure is a non-invasive surgery, there is absolutely no downtime. Your breasts may remain numb for an hour or so after the procedure, but it won’t hinder your daily activities. There is no damage to any muscle tissue to heal from. The entire procedure only takes 30-45 minutes and is not considered very painful. A Vampire Breast Lift is the kind of in-and-out procedure you can do on your lunch hour.

6. A Vampire Breast Lift Can Improve Sensation
One potential negative side effect of breast augmentation is necrotic nipples. This is when a patient experiences a partial or complete loss of sensation in the nipples. A Vampire Breast Lift does not carry that same risk. In fact, the increased blood circulation from PRP injections can stimulate the sensation in your nipples.

There are even more health benefits to increased blood circulation. According to, “Having an increase in blood flow and circulation to areas of your body helps promote cell growth and organ function. Your skin also benefits from an increase in blood circulation. Healthy skin is better able to fight off bacteria and infection that it may come in contact with.”


7. There Are No Known Serious Side Effects to a Vampire Breast Lift
The procedure is fairly new, and studies are still ongoing, but there have been no reports of any serious side effects to date. Breast augmentation surgery, on the other hand, comes with a slew of warnings. Possible side effects of breast augmentation surgery include infection, scar tissue, autoimmune diseases, arthritis and more. 
No such side effects are risk factors of a Vampire Breast Lift. If you are already at risk for some of these side effects, this procedure may not be right for you, but you don’t have to give up on your desire to have a perkier, younger-looking chest. There is an alternative if you don’t want to elect for invasive surgery.

8. A Vampire Breast Lift is an Affordable Procedure
Breast augmentation or breast lift surgeries can cost upwards of $6,000. This procedure costs somewhere around the $1,800 mark. It is still a luxury treatment, but it is much more affordable than most other surgical options available to you.

Who Is Not a Good Candidate for a Vampire Breast Lift?
If you are currently breastfeeding, a Vampire Breast Lift is not for you right now. It’s best to wait until you have stopped breastfeeding to go ahead with the procedure. It is also not recommended for pregnant women or women with a history of breast cancer. Before you can make the decision, you will need to sit down with a provider of the Vampire Breast Lift procedure. You will need to discuss your candidacy together before making your decision.

How to Prepare for a Vampire Breast Lift
Before you schedule a consultation, sit down and look at your breasts. Take note of the imperfections you wish to correct. When you do come for a consultation, bring your notes with you. Don't be shy! We want you to be comfortable with your decision. Remember to address all key points with your practitioner. Your provider will also want to have your full medical history so be sure to have that ready. If you take any medications, be sure to disclose that information to your provider. Certain medications may not be advisable before, the day of, or following treatment.

What Are Patients Saying About the Vampire Breast Lift?
Writer Rebecca Norris of says the immediate change to her breasts was surprising. She says there was instant lift and volume. She was also surprised to see she could work out the following day. She had no trouble resuming all her normal activities.

Is a Vampire Breast Lift Right for You?
Now that you know why this procedure bears the name Vampire Breast Lift, you know it’s not quite as scary as it sounds. And you’ve also learned all about the benefits of this procedure. Especially in comparison to more invasive procedures like breast augmentation and breast lifts. If you’re considering adding shape and definition to your bust line or would like to restore volume, this procedure may be right for you. This is the right procedure for anyone who prefers natural results, no recovery time, and affordability.


There are no known serious health risks or serious side effects. And the procedure is quick and easy. You can see the results as the procedure is being done. So, you don’t have to worry about waking up to a botched procedure or results that are drastically different from what you originally wanted.

Still not sure you know which procedure to choose? Making adjustments to your body can be a scary experience. The best way to make an informed decision and choose the option that is best for your body and your health is to meet with a professional. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Zuniga today!

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