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Man Receiving a PRP Injection

PRP Hair Restoration

At Wellness by Design, we offer a treatment called PRP Hair Restoration®, a non-surgical procedure that uses the body's own growth factors to promote hair growth.


Our team of experienced professionals uses state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to ensure the highest level of safety and effectiveness. Vampire Hair Restoration is a minimally invasive and virtually painless treatment that can provide long-lasting results without the downtime associated with traditional hair restoration procedures.


If you're looking to restore your hair's natural thickness and volume, contact Wellness by Design today to schedule a consultation and learn more about our hair restoration treatment.

What to Expect

Looking to restore thinning hair? The PRP Hair Restoration® procedure can help. This easy 6-step process collects, concentrates, and applies your body's own platelets to stimulate hair growth. First, a small amount of blood is collected and placed in a centrifuge. After 10 minutes, the platelets are concentrated and drawn into a syringe. Your scalp is then numbed and cleaned before the growth factors are strategically injected and micro-needled into the areas that need improvement.

Hair loss can be a source of emotional distress, and the PRP Hair Restoration® procedure can help boost your self-esteem and quality of life. If you are experiencing hair loss that is not temporary, it's best to have a thorough evaluation with a doctor to determine the underlying cause.

Hair Restoration Week 1

Here is an example of a Shelby, NC resident that is currently undergoing PRP Hair Restoration. The picture on the left, taken on the day of his first treatment in early February 2024, shows grey, thinning hair. Only ONE WEEK after the first PRP injection, you can see the hair is noticeably darker! His next treatment is due mid-March, so stay tuned for updated pictures!

From the patient:

"The procedure was relatively painless. My scalp felt a little tight for a couple of days but didn't bother me at all. Just a week later, I couldn't believe that my hair was actually DARKER. I am hoping for growth over the next few months, but I had no idea I could expect a color change! I'm excited to see what happens and am pleasantly surprised at the results already!" 

Before and After Hair Restoration
First Treatment (left) compared to after Third Treatment (right)
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